ZAVOLOKA releases “TRANSMUTATSIA” EP for KVITNU anniversary :.

ZAVOLOKA releases “TRANSMUTATSIA” EP for KVITNU anniversary :.


Again the joys of new discoveries while digging the work of Portuguese artists like Laetitia Morais or STURQEN for Dmytro Fedorenko (Kotra) label Kvitnu just stumble upon a fantastic artist named Zavoloka (yes I know she has been around for some time but better later than never). The Vienna based Ukrainian experimental music composer, sound designer and multimedia artist and performer just released at the very end of last year the incredible 2 tracks EP “Transmutatsia” that comes with one original composition and a remix by Cluster Lizard.

Like the title expresses, “Transmutatsia” is a course adopted by different elements that find balance when developing mutations through layer accumulation creating a new form of expression. The digital and analogue sounds provide distorted bristling frequencies that evolve together till lo-fi Techno joins the ambience and drive it to epic sci-fi bliss. Cluster Lizard takes the remix to a whole new horizon, taking advantage of the dense elements to create a sonic wall encompassed by broken kicks in unpredictable rhythmic structures for a 8 min stellar travel watching forms melting, convert, dissolve and transform. You can pay what you want for the digital version, opt for an impeccable edition of CDr  handmade all-red limited edition or vinyl that comes as anniversary author signed limited edition of 10 copies. Get it on Bandamp here.




January 9th, 2017

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