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XOSAR drops free album with 17 of her most precious unreleased classics :.

XOSAR drops free album with 17 of her most precious unreleased classics :.

“…free album consisting of 17 of my most precious unreleased classics from the Xosar vault, made long long ago, in far away land…”


The year is 2051. 

The human race has split into two groups. One maintained their basic human state, while the other transformed by tapping into their psychospiritual lifeforce potential. The second group created a higher dimensional civilization. They called it XYMERIA.  

XYMERIANS transcended the density of 3rd dimensional existence by vigorous training in the understanding and command of energy fields and quantum matter, and by learning techniques to train their psychic, mental and lifeforce honing abilities.  They hack into the fabric of reality by using the power of their mind-body complex to command and direct the flow of energetic matter on a quantum level. They may also transcend the body at will to exist as pure consciousness.

Their astral plane is very similar to a virtual reality simulation video game in that concentrated imagination can summon anything into existence with ease, like their faithful holographic dragon servitors. Bodily hangups such as needs for food, water, warmth, etc. do not exist.   Emotions do exist, however: emotions are what they thrive off of. 

In XYMERIA, the beings assume holographic humanoid forms which are idealized replicas of the biological bodies which they transcended. These act as an interface for interacting with one another on post-physical planes.  Their adept abilities to command quantum particles with concentrated force allows them the option to re-materialize their former bodies and return to the 3D plane at any time, as their consciousness holds references to all of the materials and space/time coordinate points that made up their 3D existence.  

The protagonist of this story is a messenger.  Her mission is to travel between the two worlds and help guide seekers on the earth plane through their vibrational ascension towards Xymeria.  She helps them understand principles of human bio-energetic lifeforce access and maintenance, which will allow them to harness their energy system to heal themselves and consciously program their own reality.

Because access to XYMERIAN knowledge requires understanding of pure intuition, unadulterated by the logical part of the mind, many of the teachings are taught psychically through specifically crafted songs which contain specific vibrational energy signatures that convey information to help with the ascension process. One way to be propelled towards an understanding of bioenergetic evolution is to creatively process sound through the body, in a dance.”


“Comprehensive Gear List used in the making of this album: Roland Jupiter 8, Roland JV-1010, Roland Juno 106, Roland Juno 60, Roland Alpha Juno-2, Roland TR- 808, Roland, TR-707, Korg Poly 800, Korg Electribe EA-1, Korg Electribe ESX, Korg Electribe EMX, Teenage Engineering OP-1″


April 20th, 2017

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