[Video] Dat Garcia “El Amor Me Entra En Sonidos” taken from “Maleducada” album forthcoming ZZK Records :.

[Video] Dat Garcia “El Amor Me Entra En Sonidos” taken from “Maleducada” album forthcoming ZZK Records :.


More 9 days till the new musical brainchild of  Dat Garcia “Maleducada”, the album will be out via ZZK Records, the homegrown record label and artist collective born out of the ZIZEK CLUB nights in Buenos Aires, Argentina and pioneers of the Latin American folktronic where ancient traditions meets futuristic vision.

“El Amor Me Entra En Sonidos” is the second video taken from the new album, being “Camino Sobre Piedras” the first one. The video was directed by Dat Garcia herself and Carla Castro and is centered around Dat’s way of expressing and exorcising through her perception of audio therapy by invoking ancestral knowledge that Argentinian society (like many others) tried to silence, oppress  and that Dat experienced during the 80´s tough times. Floating around dub elements, downtempo rhythms and ceremonial healing instruments such gongs, the new single is a profound invitation to Dat´s new world.

Dat, who during the production of the album went through a healing process to recover from a rare form of cancer, which motivated her investigation into the power of the emotional over the physiological and expression as healing therapy says:


We weren’t taught to be free to feel, nor were we taught to eat well or look after our bodies. Researching this made me realize that we are emotional machines, and that can translate into health or disease,”

She is part of this new generation of musicians who explore their roots and specially present new women’s movement that questions traditional values and emphasizes body consciousness to construct a new more equal society, making us think deeply about multiculturalism and the danger of letting governments decide what multiculturalism should be, should look like and the nefarious results of cultural suppression. It is even difficult to question or criticize the merits of diversity without receiving a dirty look as if you are trying to go against the foundations of a society so Dat is not only a tremendous good artist but also a brave one that questions this processes and make us question identity.

“Maleducada” have now a double meaning, “rude” or “ill mannered” as the main use and “wrongly educated” as in bad, poorly transmission of teachings created by erasing cultural or historical identification by educational systems and mass media brainwash. A multicultural futurism is not a place where different people live together under a new identity, but one where after you dive into your roots and the rediscover the hidden identity you have been separated from and will result in a healing process, a cure for the damaged soul and body and a renewed love for yourself. Indigenous futurism, afrofuturism, latin futurism, asian futurism and all the futurisms till we reach the cosmic futurism.



Watch also the first single Camino Sobre Piedras”


April 20th, 2017

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