Straight Outta WhatsApp with Dj Lag + Basy Tropikalne :.

Straight Outta WhatsApp with Dj Lag + Basy Tropikalne :.

When music platforms try to monetize their service to remain profitable, normally they betray the biggest group of users by forcing them to subscribe plans and services they do not want, discontinue options that engage personal interaction like curation, playlists or alienation of groups. In other words, pure dehumanization. We are all letting this guys win by depending so much on pivotal websites/brands without alternatives, losing it to the algorithm, to the automation, all because investors want profit in short term and do not care at all about improvements and changes to make it beneficial for users, who eventually would extend their fidelity through medium term and engage even more with the platform. They do not care and they do not listen the ones who use their websites, they want it all and they want it fast, like they do with resources, “when we finish to exploit and devastate here, we will search for another place to exploit“.  Eager to apply marketing formulas with fast results, mine, yours and everyone´s data collected, sold and bought illegally to create a plastic environment of fake plays, fake profiles and fake industry.

Necessity itself is urgent in order to create alternatives, meanwhile we will be resigning to think about new options, showing clearly the fragility of a big group being too concentrated in one spot, depending on more and more centralized services. We all know how the implications of a bomb exploding in a crowded place instead of a dispersed group (sorry about the violent example).

When we know about other realities and the way how they overcome challenges like simple data sharing, we discover something we are missing, get stimulated creatively. To much ready-to-use disposable consumerism may be culpable, but we all are the ones to blame for letting this type of  decease grow.

S.A., Durban DJ and producer and pioneer of Gqom genre, Dj Lag, has released his latest  ‘Trip to New York EP’ via WhatsApp just by signing up to his website. The idea was also a way to show appreciation to his local followers, the ones that support him since the beginning but also to create a statement, one strong enough that can help the world see the need for alternatives outside monopolized circuits. Local filesharing sites such as or datafilehost have been the source for most exchange of underground electronic music coming from South Africa, when you start digging, you almost enter in a new dimension full of new and already known names, unreleased tracks, some are drafts, others are really well produced works that blasts on cellphones, the same device that uses creatively WhatsApp to develop music communities where the difference between a WAV file and a 128kbs mp3 is significant for efficiency and costs.


Weekly radio show and event promoter held in Wrocław, Poland, Basy Tropikalne have been exploring this side of the web. “Tomorrow DJ Lag releases his ‘Trip to New York EP’ exclusively via… WhatsApp to put the emphasis on the fact how important for all the Africans music sharing with the use of this app is. Throughout past months I’ve been also getting some mad tunes directly on my phone before they were appearing all over the web so in order to show you that WhatsApp indeed has a huge potential when it comes to spreading the word about cool sounds I’ve put up this little mix. 60 minutes of gqom driven beats. Artwork by Maria Libelt.”


August 3rd, 2017

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