Q&A with Luny and Aasco for Rewind It radio show :.

Q&A with Luny and Aasco for Rewind It radio show :.


Q&A with Luny

Lacroixx: I know you have a surprise for this set at Rewind It radio show. Can you tell me what it is? 

Luny: Yes! It´s called Bootycore.


LCx: So what is this Bootycore genre about?

L: It’s pretty much about making people booty bounce on a more hyperactive tempo, it is a kinda weird mix of all things booty bass from Ghetto House, Baltimore Club, UK Breaks, Baile Funk, Miami Bass sped up to a junglist 160 BPM tempo but on a more pitched up tone like nightcore/happy hardcore.


LCx: I love your references to that Chicago old school vibe, even if you use different production techniques form those used back then, it keeps the classic playful mood, no artifices just pure simple dance and joy. Can you tell me 5 of your favorite Ghetto House tracks?

L: Green Velvet – Shake & Pop, DJ Funk – Pump It, DJ Deeon – Let Me Bang, Paul Johnson – Get Get Down, Traxmen – Hit It From The Back .Too many to list but these ones are always in my crate.

LCx:  What about samples, you are like a sample wizard, a connoisseur of the obscure art to bring a club down by dropping a vocal sample. Can you share with us some of your favorites?

L: Anything from early hip hop/electro rap era & anything Miami bass, I tend to look for something that will make people either remember that sample or just be amazed that they are hearing it for the first time.


LCx: Together with your different monikers like Cool HerQ, Wile Out label is your brainchild to keep promoting all things Club music. What are the latest news? Can share some forthcoming projects?

L: Wile Out is going great, we recently had a release out by Vermilion Bird & Wildkatz called “Pussy Boom!” Which has been getting a great response. We have a ton of singles via our compilation called “CUTS” coming out every other week and a few official releases we are currently working on, one from a young producer from Brazil “Euler Ribeiro” and another from a super dope producer “Casement” from Scotland, so yeah we got a nice global sound of all types of Club Music coming soon.

Q&A with Aasco

LCx: What have you prepared for this guest set at Rewind It?

Aasco: I cooked for you a “100% Pur Jus” set. Only my own material. 15 tracks, 14 unreleased with originals, edits, reworks and remixes I made, a selection which shows all my tastes and where my weird brain can drive me. I hope you enjoy it.


LCx: Whats trending in Switzerland at the moment?

A: I would say that the UK club music is more and more popular in the Swiss clubs, hopefully the people get slowly used to that kind of music.


LCx:  Some Swiss artists that you recommend?

A: I would like to recommend Krizzli, the owner of Files Records, a Dj and a really good producer. One of his last grimey project “Krizzli & DeeJillz – Outside”  – is a good example of his talent. I can’t talk about Krizzli without talking about Lemonick, in the Swiss scene you can’t miss him, often behind the decks with his bro Krizzli. He’s a young and really talented producer, the best in my opinion. A boss of the UK club sounds. He’s on label like Nervous Horizon, Moveltraxx, Argent Sale and have forthcoming stuff on Sans Abscence. Don’t miss him! I would like to introduce too the epic duo “La Vie C’est Facile” who are producers and also really active Djs and parties promoters in Bienne, my hometown. They produce more experimental bass stuff, you really have to check them on Soundcloud. They explore the underwater cave of the bass scene, they know how to blend sounds and visuals, multiple talented guys also! Go check their last EP Raw Shepherd on soundcloud, they did the release party in London. I have also to speak about CONSP, a excellent duo of producers from my hometown, mainly rap stuff, its less my kind of music but they really got something special that you have to listen. They are compulsive producers, they’ve got tons of projects/collabs and are very active in the city nightlife too. I can’t miss my friends of SIMPIG, which are fantastic footwork dj/producers!! Modulaw, Luk LeChuck and many more..


LCx:  And outside Switzerland, what are the artists that keep your attention at the moment.

A: Dubbel Dutch, Chiamu, MS NINA, ZutZut, KING DOUDOU, Dreem tran’s, HABIBIBOI   Endgame, AKITO, Ynfynyt Scroll  and I could write 150 other names…

LCx:  Do you have forthcoming projects you want to share with us?

A: I´ve got a remix of Bigote which will be out in June on Hawaï Bonsai Records, another track will be released on JEROME (Classical Trax) in a single compilation, also scheduled for June. My collab EP with JOKA (LVCF) will be released on Files Records, also in the end of May and a track which will be released on Lacroixx for their debut compilation.


Don´t miss tomorrow Luny from WILE OUT and Aasco from Hidden Peaks/Tomorrow Is Today.

Tune in Thursday 11th from 21:00 to 23:00 (GMT) at Rádio Altitude FM 90.9 or streaming online at powered by Guarda Records.




May 10th, 2017

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