Premiere: Rafael Aragon & Gan Gah – Reggada. Remixes by Stas, Diezmo, prp, Baja Frequencia, Tropikal Camel and Bäq :.

Premiere: Rafael Aragon & Gan Gah – Reggada. Remixes by Stas, Diezmo, prp, Baja Frequencia, Tropikal Camel and Bäq :.

After the very well received collaboration in the single track “Reggada” between Paris based Producer/Dj/Composer Rafael Aragon and Bruxels´s LowUp affiliate Gan Gah, now we have the required remixes EP, gathering together some big names inside Babylon Records like head label Stas, Diezmo, prp, Baja Frequencia, Tropikal Camel and Bäq.

The task was not easy, the bar was set very high since the original is a contagious dancefloor weapon made to shake everyone´s ass. Gan Gah brought his Moroccan heritage together with percussive Electro/House Chaabi and Rafael Aragon, world touring artist, sure knows what it needs to make a crowd goes crazy. The basslines are impeccable, drawing influence from more classic Progressive sound or recent US variations of Bass House borrowed from UK. Chinese Man Records artist Baja Frequencia flip the original into a club ready joint taking advantage of vocals to apply creative chopped and screwed technique and the result is really worth listening. Stas slowed in half the main tempo and turn a festive track into a contemplative and meditative rework, but this only in the first part of the track, in the second he almost went Drum and Bass to create a very personal rhythmic dynamics. Not new if we consider he have been developing this kind of sonority using his own Hungarian percussive cultural tradition, we almost can say it was fun to remix  and he was comfortable like fish in the water.

Diezmo also went for very ingenious path, bringing the tempo to the Hip Hop field, Trap if we need to mention the sophistication applied here, unique sample bending and an overall chill out ambiance that put us instantly in slow motion with introspective blurred memories. Bäq shows the possibilities in preparing a electronic dance music to a movie soundtrack, the epic crescendos, the advantage of using already organic elements to give an “human” presence, the silences between breaks, the use of distortion and long notes to create tension, bravo! Very interesting vision coming from prp in the approach for the remix, using resonating harmonics and guitar riffs to prepare a lo-fi Techno oriented jam. To end in great shape TropiKal Camel take us to a sunny beach with retro-balearic House and chromaticism taken to another level backed by dub delights. Get totally engaged in the remixes EP. Listen it and the original below and get it on Bandcamp here.


Listen the original below.


July 27th, 2017

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