Premiere: MOEGLI – Belligerence (Clerk 37 & Tomwynne Remix). Forthcoming 8MANA :.

Premiere: MOEGLI – Belligerence (Clerk 37 & Tomwynne Remix). Forthcoming 8MANA :.

When we received from Phrixus the promo for the debut compilation of his recently created label 8MANA, it came with a beautiful mysterious artwork, text and title “Sorry Julia”, wrapped in some secrecy like all audio sorcery should be packed. Inside, a hand full of the most fresh music around this days coming from Phrixus himself, Tomwynne, Zealey, Clerk 37, Moegli and ZAAB, showcasing not only a sonority that fits perfectly in a collective such is the amount of points they share in common but also presenting their vision to provide original/unusual electronic music free from borders created by genres, in fact we almost can draw a full chronologic influence of UK electronic music in their label concept. The post-rave turned jungle, jazzy trip hop, drum and bass, dubstep, grime or more recent wonky halftime can all be noticed with a modern approach to low frequencies (no wonder their events are called 8MANA’s 63Hz).

The logical ‘Sorry Julia remixed’ could not wait too long and early October is the date scheduled for the release of the 3 tracks EP where original tracks are changed between label members to rework. In advance we share with you the Clerk 37 and Tomwynne remix of MOEGLI´s “Belligerence” that turn the original in a slow/fast, 80/160 halftime glitched footwork/jungle with languid synthpads and heavy synths borrowed from the most dark corners of neurofunk. Now imagine what is ready to come the October 9th.


September 29th, 2017

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