Premiere: LOSANGE – Feu Endormi. “Quartz” album forthcoming Johnkôôl Records :.

Premiere: LOSANGE – Feu Endormi. “Quartz” album forthcoming Johnkôôl Records :.

When we had the opportunity last year to work an exclusive of Flavien Berger remix for
French artist Losange´s “Contre Protos” for Johnkôôl records, we question if a full length was on the making such is the desolation every time a music from him stops playing, the EP is definitely short to taste his art in full grandeur, it creates so deep engagements due to the cinematic atmospheres that is not easy to let it a track finish knowing is the last from the EP. We want to be a bit more on that womb the Aix-en-Provence based artist created for us. He has been working with music since childhood and later sound design, processing, audio-visual techniques and releasing music only at his leisure, never officially till last year self title EP.

A losange is a pure geometric form, a concept from a world of ideas that Plato’s Theory of Forms well exemplified. In esoteric and mystic knowledge such Tarot or Kabbalah it is associated with pentacles, earth, diamonds, salt or north. In medieval musical notation a ‘Losange’ was an undetermined note. Losange is a name with a typically french consonance. Like this “Feu Endormi” we are premiering taken from forthcoming “Quartz” album,  Losange’s music has the harmonic wealth of classical music manipulated through electronic instrumentation. It takes its inspiration from Air’s sense of melody, Daft Punk’s production ethos, Electric Universe’s trance effect and Mozart’s mental stimulation. All gathered into one pure and raw sound material as electronic chamber music.


Debut album Quartz release date: September 22nd, 2017

(Johnkôôl Records/Idol)


August 25th, 2017

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