Premiere: Kid Cala – Yo Se Que Tu. Forthcoming on Oxyorange new compilation “CATHEXIS” :.

Premiere: Kid Cala – Yo Se Que Tu. Forthcoming on Oxyorange new compilation “CATHEXIS” :.

We have the pleasure again to premiere one track from Oxyorange´s new compilation “CATHEXIS” following last year debut “SWORDS” and we maintain our words when saying “they are the makers and users of an irreverent local scene with a global vision with intention to establish a new platform form upcoming young talented artists who don´t really care about genres, restrictions and conventions”. This time the Mannheim, Germany based collective choose to open the doors to family and friends coming from different corners of the planet, bringing togehter names like Vacuum Systems, Sport Eyes, HUK, Airøn Kølarøw, MSTK or BOGOSS-LACOSTE to name a few. For this premiere we choose Kid Cala´s bootleg of 2012 Falsetto & Sammy ft. Nengo Flow “Yo Se Que Tu Quieres”. Taking advantage of the addictive effect of the original vocals the Madrid based producer managed to bring a whole new flavor adding a subtle fast paced Dembow rhythm, original ethereal pop sweetness, finding an efficient contemporary perspective that shows clearly the potential of the new generations takes on more traditional genres, helping the travel from periphery conceptions to the urban diaspora worldwide. Kid Cala is also releasing a new EP “Colocado” through Breaking Bass Records at the moment. Download Kid Cala “Yo Se Que Tu” for free, courtesy of Oxyorange. Compilation drops this weekend.



January 25th, 2018

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