[Premiere] Bass Science – Year Zero. Forthcoming V/A Seclusiasis 100 :.

[Premiere] Bass Science – Year Zero. Forthcoming V/A Seclusiasis 100 :.

Seclusiasis gang is back to unleash the second instalment of their tempo themed compilation series that drops Friday next week. Last year they brought the 160 V/A and was truly inspiring to see different producers extend their creativity through what could have been an initial limitation, the BPM. This year they decided to slow down and throw to the table the number 100 focused on the 95-105 BPM range that we are premiering today with the track “Year Zero” from Bass Science. Los Angeles based and all of prolific producer seriously embraced this 95-105 proposition to show what his signature sound can really expresses. Orchestral textures coming from synth chords opens door for a promenade of heavy and clean sub bass that puts you all of a sudden in Bass Science hands. Ethereal melodies juxtaposed to classic drum rolls, futuristic beats nuances, subtle growling bass that take us to the best classes of Neurfunk and complements to the perfection the Hip Hop/Grime inspired work that can only be full admired by real lovers of forward thinking material. Get it on Juno next week here.



1 CRIMES! – Bodi Dem
2 Thunderbird Juicebox – Drop That
3 Shiftee – Foeva’eva (feat Bok Nero)
4 RVLVR – Crash
5 Dev79/Swimwear – Hundo Mundo
6 Bass Science – Year Zero
7 Johnathan Thomas/Squirrely Bass – I Dreamt I Was Falling
8 Pleasure – It’s So Lit Fam
9 Max Klaw – Cheap Thrillz
10 Gutta Kick – Trill Pickles
11 Slagz/Suspect Bitch – MNBCVX


January 21st, 2016

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