Our fav mashup artist Andres Digital drops ‘Sonidero Tropical’ on KUMBALE :.

Our fav mashup artist Andres Digital drops ‘Sonidero Tropical’ on KUMBALE :.

Kumbale, the German-based music distribution platform has released the newest from Andres Digital, ‘Sonidero Tropical’, a six song remix/mashup/bootleg EP combing Calypso, Soca, Dancehall, Dub or Flamenco that embodies this eclectic mix beautifully, approaching each genre uniquely and intelligently, letting original works breath and exults all the magic electronic crossover approach in production with clean synth design, intricate and light textures most of the time turning it in superbs Dubwise versions. Playing with the different rhythms and traditional vocals/instrumentation in classics like Calypso Rose ´s “Rum & Coca Cola” or El Pele and Vicente Amigo ´s “El Moro”, ‘Sonidero Tropical’ hosts a range of sexy extroverted beats to heady introverted journeys, each with its own identity yet sewn together seamlessly. Andres Digital showcases his profound love and deep respect for a multitude of different music genres, specially the ones that touches between Latin America, Romani and Caribbean, in way that is simply sublime. Get it on Bandcamp here.


November 24th, 2015

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