Premiere: Nuitunit joins Pedicure Records with lovecore named NXXXC :.

Premiere: Nuitunit joins Pedicure Records with lovecore named NXXXC :.

If you listened our last radio show you already saw this one coming from Switzerland based producer and all things “core” Nuitunit which is about to drop this bomb named NXXXC via net label Pedicure Records, one of the few platforms pushing the boundaries of the most surreal aspects coming from the rave game.

Both Pedicure and Nuitunit share common visions, the need to think outside the box without claiming they are bringing sophistication to listeners with demanding developed tastes, the perky and cheesy melodies hijacked to K-Pop and Eurotance that can go from enigmatic satire or irony to the grotesque and devastating powerful tracks, turning dancefloors into glittering hardfloors. NXXXC brings the joy to have fun again listening to bubblegum bass variations with a subtle tendency to juxtapose Grime references to happyhardcore/nightcore manic synths and a genuine answer to the stagnant spell that traps most similar genres forcing them invariably to fall for the predictable light glove of EDMish hands instead of the forward thinking rave culture lineage. Nuitunit is the true lovecore don. Lovecore is the law, lovecore under will.


April 4th, 2017

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