Moveltraxx announce 2016 releases and celebrates with a free download from Dudley Slang :.

Moveltraxx announce 2016 releases and celebrates with a free download from Dudley Slang :.

With an impressive career consolidated this last years in the forefront of new Club music shapes, French label Moveltraxx is cementing history not only by the excellent contribute it gives to the new school and All Star producers of House, Hip Hop, Footwork , Jersey Club, Ghetto House, which involves all booty beats madness in the most genuine form, but also for creating strong relations between collaborators in a way that stimulates followers to stay alert for what affiliates or recent discoveries the imprint have to surprise us. Enough reasons why we are giving to you in first hand the big announcement for Moveltraxx in 2016 via the one and only Big Dope P, the man responsible for all this that is happening around the world. Dancers, performers, MCs, producers,Djs, film makers, inspired by the beats and moves coming from NY, Chicago, Baltimore or Philadelphia now experienced as a world phenomena. We had a talk with the man himself to know the goodies.

To celebrate the 2016 announcement, Moveltraxx unveils a free download of of the new hardcore Dudley Slang´s ghettotech and dancefloor ready “Pop Dat Ass Up”, grab it via Soundcloud.


Mighty Mark

The cosmic explosion that turn former Baltimore genius Murder Mark into Mighty Mark couldn’t have bring better results to the already home artist of Moveltraxx which returns for new adventures in the label with “Real”, an EP that will show that good music its not only about taking advantage of sophisticated present production techniques, its also about the past and blend it with the future. The EP already had some feedback from label boss that tell us in all confidence” is like my favourite Club record in ages“. Meanwhile remember his Mighty Ep.


Dudley Slang

dudll new

We can expect everything from Dudley Slang, not only because his past year “Rich Rich Rich” EP on 18Heures48 brought new coordinates to House, as we know it, to Europe and the world, but mainly because this versatile and multidisciplinary French artist can surprise us with productions, Dj (Reyz), singing, dance/performing or graffiti. All we know now is he will be revisiting an early 2014 on Moveltraxx “Kaïra City House Music” called “KCHM2″ and all points to another masterpiece.




Ezekiel releases are always wrapped in mystery, like the Mexican artist himself. The music occultist is another well known artist on the French imprint and widely granted for slapping our brains out with subversive and challenging music and videos. Expected to release an EP this year that will consolidate his aura of heavy and dark pioneer of vanguardist producer ahead of his era.



new maribor

Nothing could let me more excited than to see Maribor signing to Moveltraxx again in 2016. Already featured on Street Bangers Factory 3 with “U Playin” via Complex premiere, the UK low fequencies ambassador, Badimup label boss and veteran DJ already have been showing his new directions with impeccable recent Radar Radio shows and releases on Durkle Disco or Classical Trax. Now, the forthcoming work should reinforce the extreme coherence of his music travel.


DMP #7 – Da Movelt Posse V/A


This would not be finish without mentioning one of the most beautiful compilations that let us all jumpy every year. For the last 6 years the Moveltraxx compilation DMP (Da Movelt Posse) have been our most reliable club compass and this year will not be different. In 2015 DMP6 featured Feadz, MikeQ, Dj Earl Teklife, Big Dope P, Tim Dolla, Kozee to name only a few heat bringers… expect big things for the new one.


Mighty Mark Photo: Rodney Curl for  Stereo Champions, Ezekiel photo:  Mariana Garcia



January 26th, 2016

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