Goro’s mystical journey blends Raag with Bashment, Dembow and exoteric bass music :.

Goro’s mystical journey blends Raag with Bashment, Dembow and exoteric bass music :.

When Mojo Goro jumped on my radar last year through his White Dove EP on Slit Jockey, I knew he was into something, sometimes putting into music what your inner self is experiencing is not an easy task and he surely was bringing something new to the table, not only in terms of sound but structure itself. I found it somehow special without knowing specificaly why and maybe my answers are being answered now by the recent Remember Who You Are EP” released by Galtier´s NOSTRO HOOD SYSTEM label. 

The title and the first seconds of “No Plan Pt. I” featuring Raag vocals of his teacher Sandeep Dalal elevates instantly the music here created into a new plateau. I’m a lover of qawwali music tradition that we can find in Sufi Islamic communities of South Asia which is related to Raag, classical Indian music tradition, a path that he took to travel and explore his spiritual being, reemerging now as Goro to continue his intrinsic search hence the title “Remember Who You Are”,  a universal reflection of the true self.

Goro did not let behind his electronic music influences, he enhanced them, improved and help them find space to listen to the rest of the world to finally create a perfect symbioses. The interest for Bulgarian gypsy music that hails from the Balkans or the classic Indian instruments fused with Bashment, Dembow, Club or heavy basslines may not be new due to the Indian (South Asian) diaspora and the amazing contribution to create rich cultural metamorphoses, but the minimalist way how Goro draw specific lines between both influences to not let them enter in promiscuity is astonishing. On one side you have pleasant sobering harmonic atmosphere that can make us feels so close to the divine, on the other you have rhythms and frequencies that resonates with our lower parts, that make us dance and let us celebrate this terrain experience. See kids, forget the sample packs… go search for Yourself. Get it on Bandcamp here.

Remix duties by Salviatek’s newest signee Superfície.


August 3rd, 2017

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