Exclusive: Pearson Sound – PLSN (Borametz rebajada pa’ la cumbia Bootleg) :.

Exclusive: Pearson Sound – PLSN (Borametz rebajada pa’ la cumbia Bootleg) :.

“An Alebrije is craft made of cardboard or wood by master Mexican artisan Pedro Linares López, normally they are a mixture of shapes and figures with colors that look like coming from a delirious dream”. In this series of 2 tracks in each EP, Borametz also creates a blend of “musical animals”, mixing their own “rhythmic kingdom” to present also the most wild cuts possible. We are supporting the 3rd installment of his series, being the previous ones been released through @raccoonin-records, label where he have a regular activity as affiliated. Now he brings reworks for Blawan and Pearson Sound´s iconic tracks, the latest “PLSN” released through seminal Hessle Audio almost ten years ago.

The question some people ask and which Borametz also ask himself is “why do this? Isn’t there too much music out already?” Like Alan Moore says, the amount of information generated this days will lead to evaporation, will lead to the change of welfare states. This music that Borametz creates is part of that extreme vortex of data that result in chimeras that previously did not exist or maybe they are not supposed to exist, like the fantastic and mystical creatures of master Pedro Linares López. And who knows? With some scholars predicting massive cybernetic wars in a future not so far from now, maybe it´ll all vanish.

Till then we can still enjoy without prejudice the delicious reworks of Borametz that have in mind the power of music as language that allows one expressing himself freely but also reminding us about the dangers of this medium, like he explains, he saw the paradox of feminists dancing to misogynist reggaeton or Marxists dancing to mainstream pop music.

With this alejibres, the Mexico City producer aims to show how free and contradicting music is by using sampling, edits, mashups, presenting the raw street music of Mexico that meets contemporary sophisticated UK club sounds. Download MP3 and WAV via Soundcloud and grab the other bootleg of Blawan – Potchla Vee here.


Produced, mixed and mastered by @borametz
Artwork by Paola Calatayud
Text by Jorge Leal


October 11th, 2017

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