Exclusive: Mr Jags – Perdido. 8bits meets footwork meets dembow :.

Exclusive: Mr Jags – Perdido. 8bits meets footwork meets dembow :.

Hailing from Mexico City, Mr Jags likes to combine torrid low end frequencies with obscure atmospheres as this track “Perdido” clearly demonstrates. We can acknowledge his influences from cumbia or dembow via moombahton developing into Chicago´s footwork/juke tied to a dubstep snare break resulting in a powerful bomb to pleasure everyone in the dancefloor waiting for a surprising warm 8bit rhythm.

The percussion is introduced by a voice sample of real life seismic alarm warning used in Mexico´s capital, which gives “alert” through a big megaphone that reaches all citizens to notice eminent danger. This time the voice warns us about imminent festival of rhythms masterly performed by Don Jags. The voice is interwined with an allusion to the “aguila dorada” (golden eagle), symbol that we can discover in the Mexican flag. Fair that we end up defining this as subtle nationalist “perreo” (twerking) from the underworld that will make your booty and feet move like there is no tomorrow.



Master by @aascomusic

Art by Scott Hebson

Text by Jorge Leal


July 12th, 2017

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