Exclusive: Antiatoma – Asymmetry [CROIXX003]  :.

Exclusive: Antiatoma – Asymmetry [CROIXX003] :.

Antiatoma is a young up and coming Belgian producer, Linux MultiMedia Studio dedicated craftsman that changed to Ableton in recent times and all about Mental Tekno and Acidcore sonorities. Influenced by cyberpunk and rave soundsystem culture, he start exploring different paths in this “Asymmetry” single where punching distorted kicks create body answers for 4×4 synthless Tekno-Tribe rhythm while complementary percussion become as trippy as the psychedelic elements he uses for replicating organic sound sources such metallic castanets or howls. Perfect track to start a set in a rave at full moon. Get it exclusive on Juno here. Official release the 27th June.


Mastering by Aasco
Art by Rámon


June 15th, 2017

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