El Mahdy Jr. went back to Boomarm Nation with “Time to Sell the Golden Teeth” :.

El Mahdy Jr. went back to Boomarm Nation with “Time to Sell the Golden Teeth” :.

Every work of El Mahdy Jr. needs time and space to grow in us, to teach us to taste and consecutively to digest, “Time to Sell the Golden Teeth” album is no exception and maybe is the reason why I’m writing this text only one month after the official release making me keep with more questions than convictions. He continues where he left off with 2014 “The Spirit of Fucked Up Places” in the same house, Boomarm Nation. Dense, filled with organic elements and sound sources rescuing Turkey’s Arabesque and Algeria’s Raï traditional songs, field recordings, rap vocals from French satellite TV, lo-fi tape collages that offers peculiar damaged analog pitch effects as someone that dives into an old wooden chest like diving into memories, not like stuck between past and present, more like a cathartic exercise of rediscovering places where he have been in order to experience new perceptions, create new languages and defy mind revolutions. Extremely experimental and intense as his collage techniques improve the amount of layers and textures, hardware and software based beats are now replaced with real rhythmic traditions of unknown poetic grounds lost in time. El Mahdy Jr. got back to finish a work he left unfinished and he didn’t forget to value what we know him for, reason why dub elements and beatmaking skills are always present and the same goes to the lysergic potential of trance induced dance celebrations like in “Bare Feet”. Get limited vinyl edition and digital on Bandcamp here.


May 4th, 2017

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