Dan Marshall debuts on Modula Beats with “Acid Bon Bons” EP :.

Dan Marshall debuts on Modula Beats with “Acid Bon Bons” EP :.

Dusty samples, psychedelic disco-funk, wonky acid basslines, fusion cosmic jazz and a myriad of other classic influences evoked with contemporary care is what Dan Marshall‘s debut EP “Acid Bon Bons” on Welsh label Modula Beats have to offer in some kind of magic cauldron he meticulously boiled to make all influences blend and mix naturally till they are all part of a new work.

This EP comes after collaborative work of Dan Marshall with Dave Intex and Dirty Dice where they released their “Modula FM” album, now at the first notes of the title track you are clearly invited for a new threat, to dive into the garish colors of “Acid Bon Bons” and let yourself go with the experience helped by some skillful adornments such the pitched vocals, all the different organic instrumentation added that gives lots of life and energy  “both beauty and beast; jazz monkey meets acid moog in a gleefully reveling combo”. The EP is complete with the superb “Smiley Tarts” and “Long Hose” tracks. Available in animated 8-inch vinyl and digital via Bandcamp here.



October 10th, 2017

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